Linton Consulting has been providing business services for over 20 years and has maintained a back office support presence through

We treat your business as if it is ours. We are not going to try to sell you every bell and whistle that we have, instead we will work on a plan that best meets your business needs. We simply measure our success by how well our services make your business run.

We are based in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania

Our team is based in Philadelphia, but we also have a "rollover" team in California. This allows us to provide suport for all of our clients who have a west coast, Asian and EU business footprint.

We offer limited edition servers with on site service contracts

Our custom built LSwitch hardware has been deployed in the field for 20 years and has been proven to be robust. Linux / OS2 / MS based IVR server solutions offer up to 32 ports and one terabyte of storage. LSwitch offers both traditional analog functionality and web based streaming features. LSwitch offers the features one would expect of a IVR or Voicemail system with the added ability to access recorded calls via the internet through FTP or media streaming.

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